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Learn to Code at Beach Coders.

Beach Coders™ gives you a complete overview of basic skills and know-how. A boot camp like Beach Coders has the potential to change your career trajectory in a matter of weeks, rather than years.

It is also a great way to “test the waters” before possibly entering a full stack course load. Most of our graduates will use the skills garnered at Beach Coders to enhance their existing skill set in their businesses, school work or jobs or to completely shift their career into coding or UX design. Others will use this as prep for an immersive full-time school where they will emerge as full stack developers. Either way, Beach Coders provides massive value and experience necessary for success in today’s world AND we have partnerships with non-profit job placement agencies and recruiters who can help get you working after graduation!

Beach Coders programs are designed to teach anyone with or without experience to learn to code. We get you up to speed! 

Beach Coders
 was founded as a place to bring together people from all backgrounds, ages, and goals together in a welcoming and supportive environment to learn the art and skill of coding. We bring the latest silicon valley knowledge into our program and a culture of fresh innovation. Coding skills are in high demand today and any industry you can imagine will require you have these skills! 



Our Core Philosophy:

1. Cultivate an environment of inclusion so anyone interested or involved feels welcome.
2. Keep classes small numbered for maximum engagement.
3. Provide connectivity with people and opportunities in the industry.

Beach Coders seeks to become a nexus where companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators meet, discover and grow with our student talent.

The Coding Landscape Today

Beach Coders curriculum is developed in concert with best practices in today’s tech world. We empower our students with what’s in demand in the marketplace. Success rates with graduates of coding programs like this one are astonishing compared to traditional college or other vocational programs. Beach Coders has experienced almost 100% student completion rate and an overall 5 star satisfaction rating. 

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Completion Rate

5 Star

Student Satisfaction

$70k – $115k

LA Web Dev Pay Range