Echelon Ventures, Inc is a California corporation founded by American entrepreneur and CEO James DeCicco with the mission of combining innovative technology, alternative finance, coding talent and startups into a synergistic destination for services and solutions in these spaces and related industries. Listed here are the company’s current divisions.


Beach Coders Academy

Beach Coders began as an idea to bring together people from all backgrounds, ages and goals together in a welcoming and supportive environment to learn the art and skill of coding. This is the inspiration and core values of Beach Coders Academy, where anyone can learn to code! Beach Coders is also a coding talent resource providing premium coding talent for recruiting purposes as well as taking on projects directly. Beach Coders is a better and different solution for commercial coding projects as we relate directly to today’s culture and keep the client’s IP onshore! We manage projects locally for a superior experience.


Echelon Services

Echelon Services is a private boutique service that specializes in business development consulting, private equity sourcing, alternative finance resources and methods of insuring capital in high risk ventures or startups. Our flagship program is our proprietary “Principal Protection Program”. This structure will protect investor funds for most startup ventures and essentially remove the risks of funding a startup or other risky venture where collateral is not available. Our programs are diverse and are globally viable. Echelon Services has financing resource solutions for startups, technology, real estate, entertainment and more.


Echelon Educational Endowment Incubator Fund

The Echelon Educational Endowment Incubator Fund will be a Charitable Trust whose charter is to provide direct scholarships to those demonstrating exceptional abilities in the field of coding and computer science and also to provide funding support for promising tech ventures. The fund will raise funds through private and corporate contributions. For information contact us HERE.