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All Classes Run Weekdays For 4 Consecutive weeks.

Front-End Web Development

Learn Professional Level Front-End Development for today's technology.

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Advanced Javascript + AI

Skill up on advanced javascript frameworks for app dev and AI including React and Python.
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User Experience Design

Master the skills of User Experience design for product and application design.
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About Us

Find out how BeachCoders is unique and how it is the perfect Coding Academy for you!

BeachCoders Hiring Partners

BeachCoders® has partnership agreements with some of the biggest tech hiring firms in the business with opportunities from the most entry-level to advanced roles. Many of our grads have experienced success upon graduation in landing exciting roles at Fortune500 companies like Google, Amazon, Legal Zoom, Snapchat, and aerospace companies like Boeing & Space-X.

BeachCoder's Grads and Staff Work At:

Beach Coders have staff at NASA!
Learn front end web dev and get a great job

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Featured Activities


Topical lectures on coding theory, structure and how to think as a coder.


Collaborate with your instructor to build like a team would at Google


Review and drill on fundamentals until they become an integrated part of your own personal coding toolbox


Build your own body of work as you progress and complete with something of your own to show.


Code along with your instructor to build momentum and confidence while you master the language

Learn to Code at BeachCoders

About BeachCoders

BeachCoders® is a different kind of web development and user experience coding school serving the Los Angeles South Bay (Silicon Beach South). We were founded in the original birthplace of technology, El Segundo, CA. The programs we offer are designed to give anyone who has the desire to learn to code the skills and abilities to empower themselves for today’s marketplace and the potential for new and exciting career opportunities. We provide an experience of discovery! Contact us today and see how we can help you change your career.

Everyone Can Learn to Code

Frequently Asked Questions

Our focus is Career level Front-End Web Development, Advanced Javascript, AI, Python and UX Design. Our curriculum provides anyone with little or no experience the knowledge to code applications for web development and full-stack applications. We also offer in-house Corporate training programs. All of our course tracks provide graduates with the skills for today’s tech jobs in web, software development and related creative workflows. You can view our detailed program overview HERE.

Most bootcamps require students to commit large sums of time and money to learn everything in one concentrated sprint. They also have a large overhead that gets passed on to you in high tuition costs. BeachCoders® puts the student first by offering stand-alone professional courses in each subject focus. The courses can be combined and attended as per the student’s specific goals and budget. We’ve found this to be far more effective for tech education success.

All BeachCoders® courses are available both in-person at our Manhattan Beach, CA location and also via our exclusive LIVE-ONLINE™ format. Either way, you will receive 1on1 private live training in our award winning curriculum from our skilled instructors, customized just for you. Learn at your pace and rest assured that you will always be in charge as you learn these valuable skills. Click HERE to find out more.

Each BeachCoders® course module is 4 weeks long and meets on weekdays on your choice of four time slots. We offer flexible mornings, afternoons or evenings for one-on-one sessions. You can view our detailed program overview HERE