ISL Intake Form

About this Process

Thank You for your interest in BeachCoders® Income Share Deferred Loan Program. Income Share Loans (ISL’s) are more like an investment than a loan. Both the School and the Finance Company providing the money for your tuition are investing in your ambition and drive to succeed in the tech world, much like investing in a startup. We are investing in YOU!

Because of this, we want to discover more personal values information about what drives you and your world views. Please consider this as we are looking to discover more about your potential to succeed than FICO or other credit factors. The cost of the income share program is different than our retail tuition prices. This is due to the additional career services that are included and additional administrative costs to underwrite the risk. All of the costs and program details will be presented to you before you commit to the program.

This form is only preliminary and is NOT a commitment to offer nor engage in an Income Share Deferred Loan. Should you have any questions, please schedule a consultation directly with our director of admissions via the BeachCoders® contact page HERE