Beach Coders Scholarships and Job Assistance

Beach Coders Academy has partnerships with NPO's to provide tuition scholarships and job placement assistance for those that qualify. Apply below using the links provided:

America’s Job Centers, JVS & El Camino College

Beach Coders has secured an ongoing partnership with El Camino College and non-profit agencies focused on providing training in tech to help student candidates get Tuition Scholarships* (see conditions). Upon graduation, they also assist in paid apprenticeships and permanent positions in Coding. Beach Coders is proud to offer these assistance programs to US VETERANS as well and encourage their enrollment.

These agencies aim to educate and foster a skilled and diverse talent pool and open up opportunities in Technology for unemployed and/or underserved individuals, and to leverage the full potential of public funding programs.

The goal is simple: We all want you to succeed, and we’re here to help in your success.

*Note – Scholarship candidates must be US Citizens who are Unemployed or Under-employed. Only these individuals are qualified for this program.

Get Info for Scholarship Programs

Launch Code


Are you interested in turning your newfound skills into a job in technology? Beach Coders Academy has a direct partnership with LaunchCode, a non-profit organization that specializes in placing aspiring developers into jobs. LaunchCode places individuals at over 300+ nationwide companies looking for tech talent. After a coding assessment, LaunchCode will match you with employers that might be a good fit for you.

Depending on your ability level going in, successful LaunchCode applicants either get placed directly into jobs, or they use a paid apprenticeship track where they pair you with a senior developer within a company to further develop your skills on the job. Over 90% of apprentices are converted to full-time hires within 90 days.

Beach Coders Grads can apply for LaunchCode using our application button below.

Apply for placement at LaunchCode