BeachCoders Youth Program:

BeachCoders® now offers our acclaimed Front End Web Development coding immersive program for young students Ages 8 – 12: CODEWAVE Prep

The course is designed to engage young people in real-world web coding syntax including HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Students will craft their own responsive web pages and creatively style them using the same skills and software as used in professional environments while keeping it fun and enjoyable!

Give your child the benefit of a valuable and portable real-world coding class that will inspire them to build things and lay the foundation for going the next steps into our full professional tracks. Time commitment is part time, see course announcements for details.

Codewave Prep Overview

Class Meeting Times:
3:45 pm – 5:30 pm
Manhattan Beach Location
1101 N. Aviation Blvd.

Class Meeting Days:
Twice weekly,
Mondays & Wednesdays
Tuesdays & Thursdays

Available Dates:
Rolling Monthly Dates.
Minimum Enrollment is 1 month.
See enrollment form for details

Codewave Prep Modules

Students continue to learn and build across each module as they progress
from week to week, crafting and refining their own projects

Intro to Coding

With guided instruction, Students gain a grasp of the software used for web coding and the various functions.

Coding in HTML

Students begin to discover the basics of HTML coding and how to place web elements on the screen.

Styling with CSS

Students are guided on how to customize the look and feel of their creations by using CSS styling and formatting.

Basic Javascript

Students will begin to use Javascript to animate and add deeper functionality to their projects.

Codewave Prep FAQ's

All students ranging from beginners to intermediate are welcome. BeachCoders curriculum is designed for students with any level of prior experience, including none!

Yes, we offer curriculum that would be challenging and engaging to all students who aren’t already professional software engineers or Computer Science majors in college.

CODEWAVE Prep is designed for students ages 8 – 12. If you have questions about age, reach out to us at 424-254-9650.

There is no required homework. However, students often freely chose to continue working on their projects at home for fun.

We teach real world coding derived from our award winning professional tracks. Our methodology allows students to independently discover a solution and build rapport and confidence with their instructor from celebrating their strengths and their individuality. The experience at BeachCoders® is designed to inspire a student to reach and expand their identity through their achievements.

We provide computers for students. However, some students chose to bring their own computers because they are more comfortable working on them.

We operate from our main campus location at 1101 N. Aviation Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266. Parking is free in the building lot and we are convenient to most of the South Bay areas.

At BeachCoders®, our goal is to teach critical thinking, problem solving and instill a life-long love of learning and building. We help students develop grit and intellectual confidence, two character strengths that will aid students greatly in other STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) subjects. Our students learn the thought patterns and mindsets of programmers, including modeling, debugging, sequential thinking, top-down design, the design processes, test-driven development, and more. On the surface, your child will learn how to make increasingly complex responsive web pages and Javascript applications however, you may notice them becoming more organized in their demeanor and thought process!

All of our classes are self-paced, so there are no pre-determined final projects or skills at the end of our courses. Generally speaking, your student will be able to build web pages and Javascript applications that use the same elements as real-world products. Because our courses are project-based, after your child completes a BeachCoders® project, they will have the ability to create their own projects at home.

Learning to code isn’t about learning the syntax of a particular language! It’s about learning how to think like a programmer and have the foundational skills necessary to learn any new programming language within a day, if not sooner. We teach those skills, so it doesn’t really matter what actual languages your students’ program in with us. That being said, we train in HTML5, CSS3 for beginner students and JavaScript for more advanced students.

Our group classes cost $60 per hour when purchased monthly and each class is 1.5 hours long. Our schedule is designed to meet twice weekly for 4 weeks and then continue on to the next monthly module from there.

We maintain a maximum 8:1 student to teacher ratio to ensure a personalized learning experience for your child. 

Our instructors keep a phone list of all the student’s emergency contacts and are trained to notify immediately in the unlikely event of something happening. Our building is brand new and safely located in a residential section of Manhattan Beach, CA, within walking distance of several pre-schools and a Montessori School.

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