Beachcoders Academy and Dumas, TX EDC partner to up-skill rural students into high paying tech jobs.


Beachcoders Academy and Dumas, TX EDC partner to up-skill rural students into high paying tech jobs.

October 27, 2021, Manhattan Beach, CA   BeachCoders® Academy, an award-winning web coding ‘Bootcamp’ in Manhattan Beach, CA has partnered with Dumas, TX Economic Development Corporation to train students in Dumas and surrounding areas valuable tech skills in web development and user experience design. Students will also learn the basics of javascript, one of the technologies behind the explosive crypto-currency space. The goal of the program is to provide these rural area students access to high-quality, in-demand education so they can participate in the surging US tech workforce remotely and bring more economic inclusion to the area. The program was developed by a collaboration between the Executive Director of Dumas EDC, Mike Running, and BeachCoders® Academy Founder and Director James DeCicco.

“The COVID-19 lockdowns removed the friction of remote work and opened up the opportunity for us to offer our training live-online. At the same time, the tech industry was allowing employees in urban areas to leave metro areas and work remotely. This created the perfect conditions for us to create this program.”, said James DeCicco, founder, and director of BeachCoders® Academy. “We are grateful for the forward-thinking and enthusiasm of Dumas, TX EDC Director Mike Running and his team committing time, energy, and support for this program to fulfill the goals of the EDC, which is to bring more value to the community.”, DeCicco said.

“One of our missions is the retention of our youth through job creation and advancement. This is a challenge for those of us in smaller, rural cities when it comes to today’s career choices. With the prospect of new tech-related jobs both locally and remotely, BeachCoders® has empowered us to ramp up this program quickly so that we can connect our students with these career opportunities. We are excited to partner with BeachCoders® in this innovative workforce development effort and applaud their adaptability in working with us.”, said Mike Running, Executive Director of Dumas EDC.

The BeachCoders® training program will be delivered live online, with 100% live instruction in an exclusive 1on1 format and also in small (up to 4) ‘lifeboat’ groups, where all the students support one another to successful completion.

The program is open now and students may apply online at for approval to receive a full scholarship for this training.


About BeachCoders®  Academy

Beachcoders® Academy was founded in 2015 in El Segundo, CA, and is an industry leader for in-person and live-online web development and user experience training. Their unique student-facing ‘hospitality’ instructional model has set them above and apart from others in the coding-Bootcamp industry and has empowered students from all walks of life and age groups to skill up into better professional lives. BeachCoders grads work at enterprise tech companies such as Google, SpaceX, Amazon, and Legal Zoom. BeachCoders Academy now makes its home in Manhattan Beach, CA, and is privately held.
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About Dumas, TX EDC

The Dumas Economic Development Corporation (Dumas EDC) was formed in 1999 to serve as the lead economic development agency for the City of Dumas and its immediate area. The primary goal of the Dumas EDC is to promote planned and diversified growth and the creation of new jobs while maintaining and enhancing the area’s quality of life. To accomplish this, the Dumas EDC is tasked with developing proactive initiatives in the retention and expansion of existing business, the recruitment of targeted business, the “economic gardening” of business through cooperation and assistance, and in the end, the retention of our youth through job creation and advancement. For more information visit