BeachCoders® Academy Included in best selling Ryan Craig book, "A New You"


BeachCoders® Academy Included in best selling Ryan Craig book, “A New You”

November 1, 2018, LOS ANGELES: BeachCoders® Academy is included in the reference of coding boot camps nationwide as an alternative to traditional college. Ryan Craig’s latest release, “A New You” focuses on how today’s higher education is being transformed and how we must shift our viewpoint on the viability of education today.

“We’ve seen many college graduates and international college students come to BeachCoders® to gain actionable skills they can monetize right away, regardless of their chosen career path”, said BeachCoders® founder and director, James DeCicco.

“Inclusion in this publication and others like it reinforce that what we’re doing here is valuable and relevant and will continue to be valuable for each student as we move towards even more tech industry and Blockchain adoption. Front-End Web Development and User Experience design are at the core of all of it.”

About BeachCoders® Academy. BeachCoders® offers front-end web development and user experience design training for students with little or no previous experience with the goal of graduates finding professional work in today’s tech-centric workplace. BeachCoders® specialty is live format, small class sIze, and a highly distilled and immersive part-time four-week training as well as specialized one-on-one private training. For more information on BeachCoders® live training course times in Manhattan Beach, visit or call 424-254-9650.