BeachCoders® Academy teams with AP Logic, Inc to 'Unicorn' venture backed startups


BeachCoders® Academy teams with AP Logic, Inc to ‘Unicorn’ venture backed startups

January 20, 2019 Manhattan Beach, CA: BeachCoders® Academy, a software engineer bootcamp in Manhattan Beach, CA, has teamed with software consultancy firm, AP Logic Inc. Together, their mission is to develop and provide support to software startups in southern California and nationwide by replacing lackluster user interfaces with intuitive, focused experiences. Research consistently demonstrates that exceptional user experiences drive user adoption, excite investors and build revenue.


“Even when the software technically meets requirements, UX (user experience) is often the difference between the success or failure of a product”, said founder and CEO of AP Logic, Jim Ratichek. “By evaluating a startup’s value proposition to its end-users, we are able to provide guidance and bridge the gap between users and underlying tech. We fulfill a founder’s vision while including their existing tech team. We help them grow while they develop their product”, Ratichek said.


BeachCoders® expert staff and grads bring a fresh, dynamic and valuable human resources asset to the table for our work with AP Logic and is widening our outcomes offering for the school, said BeachCoders® CEO James DeCicco. “What makes us unique is the methodology of AP Logic’s approach to software design combined with the synergistic effect of outside developer perspectives. The combination of expert design, business and coding capability is solving big user-adoption problems for the startups we serve”, said DeCicco.


Software startups looking to focus their interface and app design to significantly multiply sales and user growth are strongly encouraged to attend one of the team’s live symposium events in silicon beach and surrounding so cal areas.


For training and educational companies, Beachcoders® and AP Logic are actively expanding their model with additional partnerships and resources.


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