Beachcoders Academy and Flexspace Partner in over $800 in Million US Commercial Office Space for UpSkilling


Beachcoders Academy and Flexspace Partner in over $800 in Million US Commercial Office Space for UpSkilling

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF. OCTOBER 06, 2022  BeachCoders® Academy, an award-winning web coding ‘Bootcamp’ in Los Angeles has partnered with Flexspace, a global on-demand creative office platform, to provide a solution to nationwide in-person meeting space needs for BeachCoders®. The result will massively scale BeachCoders® offering of 1on1 tech training while maintaining the personal touch that BeachCoders® success is founded on. This incentive is a collaboration between former WeWork leadership and co-founders of Flexspace, Justin Law and Eyal Lasker, and BeachCoders® Academy Founder and Director James DeCicco.

“Flexspace has made possible the nationwide expansion of BeachCoders® in-person 1on1 training offering without the potential liability of millions of dollars tied to long-term leases”, said James DeCicco, founder/director of BeachCoders® Academy. “We’re excited to be early adopters of this incredible platform that Flexspace and their whole team have created”, DeCicco said.

The BeachCoders® unique part-time immersive training program is offered both in-person and live-online, with 100% live instruction in an exclusive 1on1 format and also in small (up to 4) ‘lifeboat’ groups, where all the students support one another to successful completion. Their “education as a hospitality service” (EahS) model has earned them a 100% completion ratio with their students.

Eyal Lasker, Co-founder & CEO of Flexspace commented, “We’re excited about this partnership to help BeachCoders® expand while reducing overhead and giving their customers a better experience!”

This incentive to extend BeachCoders® physical presence through Flexspace’s network is active now with the goal of integrating BeachCoders’ proprietary AI student/instructor matching software engine with the FlexSpace scheduling system and making available live locations in New York, Austin, Boston, and San Francisco to BeachCoders® students by year’s end.

About BeachCoders® Academy
Beachcoders® Academy, founded in 2015 in El Segundo, CA is an industry leader for in-person and live-online web development and user experience training. Their unique student-facing ‘hospitality’ instructional model has set them apart from others in the coding-Bootcamp industry and has empowered students from all walks of life to skill up into better professional lives. BeachCoders® grads work at enterprise tech companies such as Google, Space-X, Snap-Chat, and Legal Zoom. BeachCoders® Academy now makes its home in Manhattan Beach, CA, and is privately held. For more information visit
About Flexspace
Flexspace provides companies with an easy-to-use platform that allows their employees to discover, book, and manage on-demand workspaces with no commitment or upfront cost. Flexspace does that by providing critical services to flexible workspace providers to fractionalize and price their unused inventory in real time. For more information: