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Technology is a part of our lives today – Cell phone apps, online banking, online shopping, home automation – everyone in every industry is using software technology to add value to our lives. Because of this massive tech explosion, The marketplace is hungry for top coding talent right here in your backyard in what is now known as Silicon Beach, Southern California and starting salaries are in the 6 figure ranges.

What would having coding skills mean to you? Having a fun and well paying job?

More money? More creative freedom? More travel and leisure time?

But what is coding? At first glance, it seems really complex and confusing, but its not true! Beach Coders can help!

Beach Coders programs are designed to give anyone the basic skills of coding and get them well on their way to a new career or simply enhance their skills for their existing business.

Our students range from 13 years old on up to adult professionals and its our mission to empower anyone with a passion to learn. Go to now to discover what Beach Coders can do for you and Register for our upcoming class. Knowledge is power – Give yourself or your young adult the power to succeed at Beach Coders.




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