Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach Speaks about Skills in our Economy and the Future


Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach Speaks about Skills in our Economy and the Future

Los Angeles, CA September 20, 2021, BeachCoders® Academy founder James DeCicco tunes in on billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach’s comments on skills in today’s economy and the future as he sees it from a sustainability perspective. It includes workable skills like coding and other trades plus a hedge in some Bitcoin. Listen to the excerpt and check out the whole conversation.


[00:00] Jeffrey Gundlach ID/Intro
[01:50] Where do you see us today and how did we get here?
[02:00] Ben Bernanke
[03:30] How much the federal government is REALLY spending
[04:45] Inflation/ PPI – Producer Price Index
[06:00] K-shaped inflation
[07:30] Money printing and food shortages
[09:00] Government programs for above median household incomes
[10:55] US Dollar as reserve currency/ Value of the dollar
[11:30] Budget deficit in 2021
[13:00] Chinese currency and US Treasury bonds
[14:35] Gundlach’s asset allocation
[16:00] US Stocks are overvalued
[18:30] US Market is no longer outperforming other markets
[19:50] Foreign stocks
[21:15] US Tax code overhaul
[22:50] Farmland and asset allocation changes
[23:55] You protect yourself through ACTION.
[26:45] Corporate tax rates and competition
[27:45] Volatility in upcoming years
[28:30] The means of production and property relations
[30:45] The Fourth Turning by Neil Howe
[31:40] Election predictions
[32:45] Stimulus programs, UBI, and wealth tax
[34:10] Technology and the wealth gap
[36:30] Self-driving vehicles are an unemployment problem
[33:10] Futuristic developments in food
[37:20] Virtuous cycle of life
[37:50] Evolving our educational system
[40:00] The money should follow the student
[41:20] Equal educational opportunities
[42:25] The future is better than the present.
[43:30] Sign off

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