Data Structures, Algorithms, Blockchain:

BeachCoders® comprehensive computer-science immersive in data structures, algorithm development, and blockchain development: CodeWave.DS. This course is designed to give experienced web developers an advanced understanding of algorithmic thinking, the varieties of common data structures and their applications in databases and modern blockchain applications. Students will explore a diverse array of database modalities, develop their own algorithms for their applications and build a decentralized blockchain app as part of their portfolio of work that they can take with them upon completion. Time commitment is part-time, see course announcements for details.

Advanced Javascript

Review of JS Syntax, ES6, Arrow Function, Classical JS, Closure, Data Structures: Linked List, Arrays, Hash Tables, Stack, Queue, Algorithms: Approach, Problem Solving, White Boarding and more.


Building a Node app, NPM, package.json, Promises, Middleware, Express, Working with APIs, Server Side Rendering, Web Sockets, Building a chat application.

Front End Frameworks and Databases

Build Tools: Gulp, Web pack, Grunt, Task Automation, Build a React application, MongoDB, ORMs More Databases and review.

Capstone Project

Build a decentralized application that uses the technologies discussed in previous weeks. Application will include a database, server, and a front-end framework.