Data Structures, Algorithms, Blockchain: CODEWAVE.DS

What is data structures, algorithms and blockchain?

Data structures organize and store data. Algorithms solve problems efficiently. Blockchain securely records transactions across computers.

These concepts are fundamental to modern computer science, powering efficient software and secure digital transactions.

Why learn data structures, algorithms and blockchain?

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Who is this for?

Experienced devs

Enhance problem-solving in advanced concepts..

Career Changers

Keen to transition into blockchain development or algorithm engineering.

Tech Enthusiasts

Interested in exploring blockchain technology and its applications.


Want to offer specialized services in data structures, algorithms, or blockchain.


Need to leverage blockchain technology to create decentralized apps.

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Our curriculum overview

Week 1: Fundamentals Rundown

Review of Vanilla JS
Javascript Quirks and Limits
Functional Programming vs Classes
Optimized Code

Week 2: Data Structures + CS Core

Common Algorithms
Linked List
Hash Tables
SQL Projects

Week 3: Algorithms + Blockchain

Problem Solving
White Boarding
Time Complexity
Big O Notation
Blockchain Concepts and Applications

Week 4: Capstone Project

Put it all together! Build a decentralized Blockchain application using:

Efficient algorithms
Optimized code
Blockchain database

Learn from expert instructors

With years of industry experience and a passion for teaching, our instructors provide tailored guidance, support, and mentorship to help you reach your goals.


Full Stack Web Dev

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and DevOps, he's practically a legend in the techworld. From Disney to Technicolor, Chad has left his mark on company culture everywhere he's been. His mantra is "It's only code, nothing to be afraid of."


Full Stack Web Dev

He's a computer science aficionado from Santa Monica College with skills in 3D modeling and full-stack web development. But what really sets him apart is his keen interest in machine learning. He thrives on change, believing that the ability to restructure and rethink is the essence of growth.


Full Stack Web Dev

With a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of user experience, he loves creating stunning, intuitive websites. When he’s not coding, Nader stays immersed in the latest tech industry trends and techniques or endlessly tinkering with his personal dev projects.

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The course is structured well and the instructor was very helpful. I had a strong computer science background and still found all the information very useful. The classes are interactive and fun.


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