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Our premier Professional Front-End Web Development coding immersive program: CodeWave™. The course is designed to get anyone, regardless of experience, versed in coding and computer science basics as well as able to functionally create and develop modern web content with code. Students will learn a diverse array of language syntax and techniques applicable to any coding language as well as collaborate with their instructor to build their own portfolio of work that they can take with them upon completion. Time commitment is part time, see course announcements for details.

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    Intro to HTML & CSS

    Fundamentals of Computing, Intro to Web Development, HTML Tags, Page Layout, Forms, CSS Selectors, The Box Model, Positioning, Responsive Web Design, Materialize, Terminal Basics.

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    Intro to JavaScript

    JavaScript Fundamentals & Computational Thinking, Manipulating the DOM, Control Flow, Conditional Statements & Loops, Objects, Functions, Arrays, Data Structures, Version Control & Static Hosting, Event Listeners.

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    Advanced Web Dev

    Programming Paradigms & Web Development, AJAX, jQuery, API’s, Classes & Object Oriented JavaScript, Git Hub, Databases.

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    Node, React Portfolio Completion

    Node Basics, React Setup, JSX, Props and States, Components, Lifecycle Methods, Portfolio Completion.

Our Full Stack Web Development coding immersive program: CodeWave.JS™. The course is designed to get experienced web developers to the next level and able to fully develop modern web applications and web portals. Students will learn a diverse array of javascript frameworks and collaborate with their classmates to build their own portfolio of work that they can take with them upon completion. Time commitment is part-time, see course announcements for details.

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    Advanced Javascript

    Review of JS Syntax, ES6, Arrow Function, Classical JS, Closure, Promises, AJAX

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    Building a Node app, NPM, package.json, Middleware, Express, Working with APIs, Server Side Rendering, Web Sockets, Building a chat application.

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    Front End Frameworks and Databases

    Build Tools: Gulp, Web pack, Grunt, Task Automation, Build a React application, MongoDB, ORMs, SQL and review.

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    Capstone Project

    Build a full stack application that uses the technologies discussed in previous weeks. Application will include a database, server, and a front-end framework.

data structures algorithms

BeachCoders® comprehensive computer-science immersive in data structures, algorithm development, and blockchain development: CodeWave.DS. This course is designed to give experienced web developers an advanced understanding of algorithmic thinking, the varieties of common data structures and their applications in databases and modern blockchain applications. Students will explore a diverse array of database modalities, develop their own algorithms for their applications and build a decentralized blockchain app as part of their portfolio of work that they can take with them upon completion. Time commitment is part-time, see course announcements for details.

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    Funadamentals Rundown

    Review of Vanilla JS, Javascript Quirks and Limits, Classical Programming, Functional Programming.

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    Data Structures + CS Core

    Linked List, Arrays, Hash Tables, Stack, Queue.

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    Algorithms + Blockchain

    Approach, Problem Solving, White Boarding and more. Time Complexity, Big O notation. Blockchain: Uses and Best Practices.

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    Capstone Project

    Put it all together! Build a decentralized Blockchain application. Students may work in pairs if desired.

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Our Learning Method


Topical lectures on theory, structure and how to think like a builder.


Review and drill on fundamentals until they become an integrated part of your skills toolbox.


Build your own portfolio of work as you progress and complete with something of your own to show.


Code and create along with your instructor to build momentum and confidence while you master the skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • chevron_rightWhen do the courses meet?
    All Courses meet on weekdays on your choice of 4 different time slots. When enrolling, you will select your start date and the meeting time you desire for the 12 week duration. Click the 'ENROLL' button to see dates and times.
  • chevron_rightHow many courses are available?
    The LifeBoat™ includes three courses in Javascript Web Development. The curriculum provides anyone with little or no experience the knowledge to code basic applications for web development and basic apps. Each course is a complete stand-alone Certificate Course. All of our course tracks provide graduates with the skills for today’s work environment in web, software development and related workflows.
  • chevron_rightWhy are these Courses so much more affordable than other schools?
    Most bootcamps require students to commit large sums of time and money to learn everything in one concentrated sprint. This program puts the student first by offering stand-alone professional courses in each subject focus. The courses can be combined and attended as desired within a person’s schedule and budget. We’ve found this to be far more effective for tech education success.
  • chevron_rightHow Long are the Courses?
    Each course is 4 weeks long and meets live online on weekdays for all sessions. We offer flexible morning, afternoon or evenings in a small group format.
  • chevron_rightDo I need any previous experience?
    The founding purpose of this program is to attract, engage and educate people with little or no previous experience to learn coding. Coding can be a pathway to a new career or an avenue to pursue a creative passion. Computer coding is a language and a way of thinking that once mastered opens doors. The program is designed to help you reach your goals no matter your skill level. (Caveat – Students are expected to have basic computer operational experience such as handling files, copying, pasting, posting, operating a web browser and a basic understanding of how files are organized on a computer) Our programs covers the basic computer science information that will prepare anyone to develop websites, software or go on to become a professional full stack developer.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I get upon graduation?
    Graduates of these programs will receive an official certificate of completion after successful fulfillment of the course requirements for EACH course.
  • chevron_rightCan you help me find a job after I graduate?
    Grads can participate in job placement assistance offered by our partnership affiliations with non-profit job placement agencies and tech recruiting companies.
  • chevron_rightDo I need to provide my own computer or buy software?
    All the software for the class is a free download. You will need your own computer. These programs require that work is done live online and students will need their own computer. A laptop or desktop computer with the following is required: Windows 10 or greater, OR Mac OS X Sierra 10.10 or greater
    2.5 GHz processor or greater
    8 GB RAM minimum
    250 GB HDD
    wi-fi enabled
  • chevron_rightWho Teaches the Classes?
    These courses are lead by our ever-expanding team of passionate professionals who are subject matter experts and work with us to both give back and stay current. Your individual instructor will be with you from day one, live-online for every course session until your successful completion.