Ethereum Prize Valued at $50,000 for Winners of Blockchain Hackathon…


Ethereum Prize Valued at $50,000 for Winners of Blockchain Hackathon…

Beach Coders Academy will be part of an event organized by The Machine Learning Society being held at the XY Oracle Network in San Diego this weekend March 2-4. (See Link for details).

The Hackathon will surely be a great networking event, but if its true purpose is achieved it may help solve one of Modern Man’s greatest dilemmas- Parking!

According to the Machine Learning Society event website, at the event they will create:

  • AI-powered methods of analyzing traffic and optimizing parking
  • Frictionless blockchain-based payments for meters
  • Security protocols to keep user data private and safe
  • Hack the ledger by developing state-of-the-art apps for Smart Cities on the Blockchain

They also state that: “The XYO Network has, with the support of some of the biggest names in blockchain research, created the first decentralized, trustless, and authoritative location oracle. Winners of the Blockchain Hackathon will be awarded XYO tokens valued at 50 Ethereum, or almost $50,000.”

There will be a variety of workshops and speakers happening concurrently over the 2-day event. Subject Topics include Jobs in Blockchain Dev, AI, and Blockchain, Investing in Cryptocurrency

“The timing is great for us,” says James Decicco of Beach Coders Academy. “Since we are on track to roll-out a Blockchain Course to add to our existing curriculum. We are excited to see what people are really interested in and talking about when it comes to the practical application of Blockchain, and more importantly, the real opportunities they see for themselves as developers.”