Front-End Web Development:

beach coders web bootcamp

BeachCoders offers our premier Front End Web Development coding immersive program: CodeWave. The course is designed to get anyone, regardless of experience, versed in coding and computer science basics as well as able to functionally create and develop modern web content with code. Students will learn a diverse array of language syntax and techniques applicable to any coding language as well as collaborate with their classmates to build their own portfolio of work that they can take with them upon completion. Time commitment is part time, see course announcements for details.

Intro to HTML & CSS

Fundamentals of Computing, Intro to Web Development, HTML Tags, Page Layout, Forms, CSS Selectors, The Box Model, Positioning, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, Terminal Basics.

Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript Fundamentals, Computational Thinking, Manipulating the DOM, Control Flow, Conditional Statements, Loops, Objects, Functions, Arrays, Data Structures, Static Hosting, Event Listeners.

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Advanced Web Dev

Programming Paradigms & Web Development, JSON, API’s, Classes, Object Oriented JavaScript, Git Hub, Version Control, Pull Requests, Databases.

Node, React
Portfolio Completion

Node Basics, React Setup, JSX, Props and States, Components, Lifecycle Methods, Portfolio Completion.