Front-End Web Development:

What is front-end web development?

Front-end web development involves creating the visible parts of a website or web application that users interact with directly

It includes using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and structure web pages for optimal user experience.

Why learn front-end web development?

why learn front end

Who is this for?


New to coding and eager to learn the fundamentals of front-end development.

Career Changers

Ready to transition into a rewarding career in tech.


Looking to expand service offerings by adding to skillset.


Want to pick up relevant tech skills to future-proof your careers


Need to learn fundamentals of development to build products.

Our curriculum overview

Week 1: Intro to HTML & CSS

Fundamentals of Computing
Intro to Web Development
Page Layout
CSS Selectors
The Box Model
Responsive Web Design
Terminal Basics

Week 2: Intro to JavaScript

JavaScript Fundamentals
Computational Thinking
Manipulating the DOM
Control Flow
Conditional Statements
Data Structures
Static Hosting
Event Listeners

Week 3: Advanced Web Dev

Programming Paradigms & Web Development
Object Oriented JavaScript
Git Hub
Version Control
Pull Requests

Week 4: Node, React Portfolio Completion

Node Basics
React Setup
Props and States
Lifecycle Methods
Portfolio Completion

Learn from expert instructors

With years of industry experience and a passion for teaching, our instructors provide tailored guidance, support, and mentorship to help you reach your goals.


Front End Web Dev

With a Bachelor's in Computer Science and certifications in content management systems, full-stack development, and more, she's your go-to guru for all things tech. Sumerlyn's passion for teaching shines through her two-plus years of experience as a dedicated web instructor.


Full stack Web Dev

His love for web dev sparked in middle school with GeoCities and Tripod. He's honed his skills in architecting responsive web apps through experience at companies like SoFi. In his free time, he enjoys prototyping simple games and indulging in his love for board and card games.


Full Stack Web Dev

With a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of user experience, he loves creating stunning, intuitive websites. When he’s not coding, Nader stays immersed in the latest tech industry trends and techniques or endlessly tinkering with his personal dev projects.

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Online courses, books or YouTube tutorials can't match the level of instructive detail needed for this vast and ever changing field. Their in-person class structure increases the speed in which my skill level improves and gives me the confidence that my code is written properly. I've oftentimes felt like an "untethered astronaut" when learning to code on my own. After establishing a relationship with BeachCoders, I am no longer alone in my Web Dev journey.


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