Career Program

BeachCoders Flagship Small Group Training

BeachCoders® LifeBoat™ re-imagines group education to move away from the friction of internal student competition and toward the concept of strength through unity.
The LifeBoat™ training strategy is proven to assure all participants’ success through a curated small class size, between 4 and 6 students, who all share the same goals and zest for achievement and are willing to collaborate so ‘All Boats Rise’ to success.

LifeBoat™ includes all of BeachCoders® web development and software engineering immersive training modules plus professional development content in the areas of resume building, job hunting, interview skills, and more to bring your best foot forward as you pursue your dream career in today’s tech industry. This additional career coaching content is exclusively offered only to our LifeBoat™ participants.

LifeBoat™ tuition may be paid directly or through our exclusive IBR (Income-Based Repayment) program.

If you’re serious about a career change and are ready for an immersive experience in web development and software engineering training, you owe it to your future self to apply to LifeBoat™ today.

LifeBoat™ cohorts begin monthly, subject to an enrollment capacity so reserve your spot early!

“BeachCoders purpose is to transform a student’s mindset from limitation to possibility”

BeachCoders® programs are designed to teach anyone with or without experience to learn to code. We get you up to speed!

 was founded as a place to bring together people from all backgrounds, ages, and goals together in a welcoming and supportive environment to learn the art and skill of coding. We bring the latest silicon valley knowledge into our program and a culture of fresh innovation. Coding skills are in high demand today and any industry you can imagine will require you have these skills

Our Core Philosophy

Cultivate an environment of inclusion so anyone interested or involved feels welcome.

Keep classes small numbered for maximum engagement.

Provide connectivity with people and opportunities in the industry.