Meet our instructors

Our curriculum is only as effective as the coaches that teach it – it’s why we pride ourselves on only hiring the best coaches in the business.

Our coaches are so much more than than their coding skills – they’re a diverse group of passionate instructors with a track record of success.

At Beach Coders, we make sure each student is matched with the coach that can bring out the absolute best in them so they can code with confidence.


Front End Web Dev

With a Bachelor's in Computer Science and certifications in content management systems, full-stack development, and more, she's your go-to guru for all things tech. Sumerlyn's passion for teaching shines through her two-plus years of experience as a dedicated web instructor.


Full Stack Web Dev

As a Software Developer and Teacher, his specialty is patiently teaching fundamental programming and full stack development to students, no matter their skill level. When he's not coding, you can find him admiring sunsets in beautiful Manhattan Beach, CA.


Full Stack Web Dev

He's a computer science aficionado from Santa Monica College with skills in 3D modeling and full-stack web development. But what really sets him apart is his keen interest in machine learning. He thrives on change, believing that the ability to restructure and rethink is the essence of growth.


User Experience Design

A dynamic UX researcher and designer driven by a passion for efficiency and social impact. With a background in audio production, he brings a unique perspective to his work with music tech companies. You can catch him at live music events or experimenting in the kitchen.


User Experience Design

A talented User Experience Designer and Strategist with a background spanning industries from beauty to fine art photography. Her commitment to teaching her tried and tested User Experience methodologies and practices reflects her genuine passion for the field.


Full stack Web Dev

His love for web dev sparked in middle school with GeoCities and Tripod. He's honed his skills in architecting responsive web apps through experience at companies like SoFi. In his free time, he enjoys prototyping simple games and indulging in his love for board and card games.


Full Stack Web Dev

With a keen eye for design and a strong understanding of user experience, he loves creating stunning, intuitive websites. When he’s not coding, Nader stays immersed in the latest tech industry trends and techniques or endlessly tinkering with his personal dev projects.


Full Stack Web Dev

With over 20 years of experience in software engineering and DevOps, he's practically a legend in the techworld. From Disney to Technicolor, Chad has left his mark on company culture everywhere he's been. His mantra is "It's only code, nothing to be afraid of."


User Experience Design

A User Experience Designer that combines her backgrounds in psychology and science in creating logical design solutions. Her approach combines empathy with rigorous research, resulting in user experiences that are both intuitive and informed.

Our culture

At BeachCoders, we embrace three core values that unite, involve, and ignite us. These values help us accomplish our mission of making tech education more accessible to everyone.


We cultivate an environment of inclusion. All individuals interested in tech, regardless of background or experience, are embraced and supported.


We believe in the power of personalized learning. Our team prioritizes maximum engagement to ensure every student reaches their full potential.


Students gain access to curriculum and coaching tailored for real-world scenarios, priming them for excellence in the tech industry upon graduation.